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collapse this descriptioncollapse this description Innovation Award for Tridonic
Dornbirn, December 11, 2013 – Tridonic Jennersdorf is once again among the winners of the Burgenland Innovation Award. The manufacturer of LED products was awarded third prize in the Large Companies category. The award was for a new production process for LED light sources offering significant energy savings.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description High efficiency in a compact design
The new generation of TALEXXengine STARK NEW DLE light engines from Tridonic not only offers a boost in efficiency from 77 lm/W to 140 lm/W but the LED downlight module in the system has an exceptionally low profile of only 20 mm. An enlarged light emission surface with a diameter of 65 mm leads to lower luminance and makes it easier to reduce the glare from downlights. Lower UGR values (UGR = unified glare rating) can therefore be achieved and the quality of light improved as a result.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description David Barnby is the new Sales Director at Tridonic
With effect from October 23, 2013 David Barnby takes over as Global Sales Director at Tridonic.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description Addition to the LUREON REP OLED product series
LUREON REP Rectangular is Tridonic's latest addition to its OLED product series for professional lighting applications. This extremely low-profile light module measures 200 mm x 50 mm, provides uniform glare-free white light and offers high system efficiency and excellent colour rendering.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description Cap – a flexible OLED luminaire
Studio Tim Mackerodt presents the Cap OLED luminaire. This cooperation project involving specialists in lighting component solutions and OLED modules from Tridonic is being showcased at the "blickfang selected" international design exhibition in Hamburg.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description High flexibility and an adjustable current range
The TALEXXconverter TOP series rounds off Tridonic's new converter portfolio. In all the models in this series the current range can be adjusted in small steps between 350 mA and 1750 mA, depending on the wattage, to provide the perfect conditions for the particular application. Comfort and protection functions such as precise setting of the output current, temperature management and integrated temperature monitoring ensure reliable luminaire operation throughout its life.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description Flexible OLED from the roll
Tridonic Dresden and Fraunhofer COMEDD present at the Plastic Electronics 2013 a desk luminaire with flexible OLED.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description Tridonic withdrawal from magnetic ballast production
Manufacturing operations in Melbourne successfully sold.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description Manufacturing of individual OLED and organic solar cells with cloud-concept
Whitin the EU-funded project ManuCloud consortium developed a façade module including OLED and organic photovoltaic.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description Tridonic site in Dornbirn achieves ISO 50001 certification
An energy management system is being used at Tridonic to help monitor and control energy performance in the company and thereby increase energy efficiency.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description TALEXXengine STARK SLE: Generation 3 is here
Only nine months after the 2nd generation Tridonic is now launching the 3rd generation of the TALEXXengine STARK SLE LED light engine – more cost-effective and more efficient. Generation 3 makes for impressive reading: up to 80 % higher luminous flux, greater efficiency under real-life conditions (up to 125 lm/W at 4,000 K) and better hot lumen efficiency (up to Tp = 85 °C). Even after 50,000 hours of operation the 3rd generation achieves a life of up to L90. At the same time the modules are matched to the new ECO and TOP series of LED converters and together constitute an optimum system.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description Tridonic extends its commitment to OLED technology
Acquisition of all joint venture interests
LEDON OLED renamed Tridonic Dresden GmbH & Co KG  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description Withdrawal from the magnetics sector
Tridonic is to pull out of the magnetic ballasts and transformers business with effect from December 30, 2013. With a proactive schedule of measures, the company is generating the necessary response to the restrictions that EU legislation will impose on inefficient magnetic technology from 2017 onwards.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description TALEXXconverter ECO: the high end of the new Tridonic platform
Tridonic presents the ECO series of TALEXX converters, a new addition to its LED converter platform. It combines high quality with a wide range of applications. These high-end products can be infinitely dimmed from 100 percent to 1 percent and offer impressive properties, including luminous flux compensation for the connected LED module and long life. The LED control gear can be adapted to different module parameters with a high degree of flexibility.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description TALEXXengine STARK LLE 24
Creative luminaire design for linear and panel luminaires is now easier and more flexible because Tridonic is now offering a double-length version of the TALEXXengine STARK LLE 24 LED solution measuring 560 mm.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description DALI TOUCHPANEL 02: a quantum leap in quality
Tridonic has modified its multi-functional DALI TOUCHPANEL 02 unit and added new functions and interchangeable layouts. DALI lighting control is now more convenient and more flexible than ever before. The mechanics have also been improved and a guide LED has been integrated.
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description TALEXXengine STARK SLE with Zhaga certification
TALEXXengine STARK SLE for downlights and spotlights is the first LED light engine from Tridonic with Zhaga certification. A special feature of this device is its integrated terminals that make installation much easier. Tridonic has now expanded its portfolio with the addition of a MINI version and special light colours designed specifically for the food industry, identified by the label "FOOD".  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description New LED control gear LCI TEC from Tridonic
Tridonic is launching a new portfolio of LED control gear in the form of the TEC series which covers all relevant customer requirements at an attractive price/performance ratio. The control gear is initially available in 20 W, 35 W and 65 W versions.
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description Showroom and office for Tridonic partner Wennerström
Dornbirn, Austria – The Swedish company of Wennerström Ljuskontroll has for many years acted as sales partner of Tridonic in Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States. The new Wennerström offices in Stockholm are an impressive demonstration of the success of this partnership. The recently opened showroom and the sales offices have been fitted with dynamic lighting based on latest LED technology, light management components and lamp control gear from Tridonic.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description Changeover: Harald Sommerer hands over to Alfred Felder
Dornbirn, Austria – To mark Alfred Felder's official start as CEO of Tridonic, a press conference was held at Tridonic headquarters in Dornbirn, Austria today. Harald Sommerer, who in his role as CEO of the Zumtobel Group had served as interim CEO of Tridonic since January 2012, discussed the direction being charted by the components business in light of the ongoing shift to LED technology. Born in South Tyrol, Alfred Felder (49) holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and gained wide-ranging international management experience in the lighting industry while working for Siemens/Osram. Felder introduced himself to the press and described the outlook and challenges facing Tridonic as it moves towards a successful future.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description High-performance OLED lighting module
At the beginning of the new year Tridonic landed a big breakthrough with OLED modules for professional lighting. Available in series, the new lighting module from the OLEDmodule LUREON REP product range for the first time achieves a luminous flux of more than 100 lumens, at dimensions of 99 x 99 mm2. In addition, LUREON REP achieves a system efficiency of over 50 lm/W in neutral white, which is much higher than that achieved by comparable products on the market.