What’s next: professional connected lighting

There are over 50 billion light points installed around the globe. Imagine the possibilities if this infrastructure was connected? If it was able to collect, exchange and transmit data? The value and services offered by “connected lighting” go far beyond illumination!

Lighting is everywhere. There are over 50 billion light points installed around the world, offering an extremely high density.

Lighting is digital. Through the development of LED technology, integrating and enabling wireless solutions has become a simple task.

But what’s most exciting is that all those lighting points are already connected!

With the next generation of connectivity, a connected lighting system can become an important infrastructure to collect, exchange and transmit data.

At Tridonic, we envision this connected lighting system as one that is

Future-proof, fully scalable, easy to connect

In return, connected lighting can help solve current challenges in the professional lighting space, for instance, it can support easier commissioning and installation, use of wireless controls, and scalability through the Cloud. Click here to learn more about our current cloud-based solutions.

We are at the beginning of an exciting journey. Connected lighting will enable new business models for a variety of industries and businesses. It will increase the quality and performance of products that use remote monitoring and will provide new opportunities for data collection services for many industries other than lighting.

More importantly, connected lighting opens up new market opportunities for users, facility managers and building owners, offering them a broad variety of services far “beyond illumination”.